VW Golf GTI TCR Track Drive

So Volkswagen showcased the Golf GTI TCR model and instantly became the most powerful production Golf GTI to date. Powered by the same 2.0TSI 4 cylinder turbocharged engine but now producing 213kW and 380N.m of torque. This TCR is front wheel propelled and is able to sprint to 100kph in 5.6 seconds and slots in neatly between the GTI performance and the flagship 4Motion Golf R.

Visually the TCR is easily spotted by the (optional and expensive) honeycomb graphic decal on the side panels, a black front spoiler that gives the car a lower stance, a black and outward protruding diffuser housing the two side-by-side mounted tailpipes and a black side skirts. Inside you’ll find the neat cabin as the standard GTI and beautifully crafted seats spotting a red pattern running in the middle of the seats, all in all well put together interior.

It runs on sporty black painted 18-inch rims nicely contrasted by the red GTI branded brake callipers ready to clench on the drilled brake disks for a good braking ability.

Driven on the track by Autogefuhl’s Thomas in Portugal, the TCR is more at home as the name suggests (Touring Car Championship, maybe the R in this instance is for Racing) as it’s a street legal version of the TCR International touring car championship. According to Thomas, the car is more aggressive in its drive and handling even though it’s a front wheel drive, however his conclusion is that rather save more and get the R if you are going to seldom visit the track or save your money by getting the GTI performance which is cheaper. If you are a track junkie the get the TCR as it is the suitable weapon.

I’d like to see this up against the i30N, should make for an interesting viewing.

See for yourself:


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