This Mini Cooper Thinks It’s a 3-Series

Quick question, what do you get when you cross-breed a Mini Cooper and BMW 3-Series G20? A goofy looking 3-Series Cooper I’d say! This is what happens when imagination precedes reality, a digital marriage of the BMW Group’s two iconic models known for their brilliant road handling dynamics and driving fun into one! The face is a 3-Series and the rest of the body is a Mini Cooper ..suddenly reminds me of the movie Face Off, but I digress.. Spotting that striking red paint and white roof, lowered suspension with blacked out wheels filling the wheel arches like puzzle pieces, rally style driving lights, smashing! The 3 and the Cooper already share enginesĀ and you’d be forgiven for thinking of a Mini Cooper M! This is neat chop-job that has a familiar look about it and that is because this is a mesh up of existing models, albeit digital, thanks again to Sugar Designs – These guy will mesh up anything and I say keep ’em coming!

It’s all fun and games and we love it!

Absolut Sabs

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