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Spotlight on Lynk & Co. 02 Compact Crossover

Lynk & Co says “Forget what you know about car brands and buying.” This Geely and Volvo owned Chinese new automotive brand asks “Why should you have to commit to a car? Buy a car, borrow one, share one or just subscribe to one.” Sounds like an interesting idea and rather unorthodox approach to marketing but we see the point. This time around we’re not delving into how they let you have your car but rather their newest creation, the The Lynk & Co 02 Compact Crossover, designed in Sweden with mobility, connectivity, and the potential for shared use in mind.

The sporty looking crossover is the company’s third¬†production model that’s on the same company as the Audi Q2 and has its sights set to capture crossover arena, with the brand having kicked off sales in China in 2017 with plans to expand to Europe.

It’s neatly designed with simple lines and a non fussy silhouette, the same goes for the interior, boasting infotainment touch screens and rather in-your-face air vents. Powertrains are yet to be divulged by the company, with such to be released at a later stage.

We certainly like the looks of the car and the idea that you own the car via a subscription and also available for purchase as well.

Please interact with us and do share your thoughts on the Lynk & Co.’s newest model and most importantly, would you subscribe for car opposed to buying one?

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