Rendering: This Prius Bakkie Will Do Just Fine

When you think of the Toyota Prius you immediately think Hybrid, electric motors supplementing an internal combustion engine for a synergy drive, hardly anything else. Now imagine the Toyota Prius Prime (a plug-in hybrid version of the regular Prius that has a bigger battery that you can recharge with an external power source) strutting it out as a pick-up? Probably not. A pickup is a different proposition altogether, a simple workhorse that gets on about its business and doesn’t even begin to pretend to save the environment.

With a bit of imagination we can see this concept taking shape and so some digital artist dude from São Paulo, Brazil named Kleber Silva has stretched his imaginative faculty and rendered a Toyota Prius X-Way pickup based on the Prius Prime Hybrid.

Take a look:

We like this concept here a CarTrendz and more applauding the creative power from Kleber Silva. A bakkie that will probably ditch the propshafts for some electric motors, however crazy the idea it may be something of a reality in the near future. Silly huh.

Oh here is the Prius Prime he chopped up:

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