Renault Kwid Bakkie To Challenge The NP200 – Rendering

No other half ton bakkie enjoys market share like the Nissan NP200 and that’s because it’s the only one in its segment. Ford used to offer the Bantam, Fiat used to have the Strada and Opel/Chevrolet used to have the Corsa Utility. So it’s easy to understand why it’s selling in volumes and Nissan must be overjoyed with such dominance. There are possible introductions such as the Volkswagen Saveiro and Fiat Strada offered in South America and Ford is rumoured to be working on their own model to introduce.

The market needs a challenger to the NP200 and Renault has an offering called Oroch, a Duster-based dual cab bakkie that could be introduced in South Africa soon.

Now can you imagine something even more affordable than the NP200? Take the already popular and affordable Renault Kwid, chop it into a bakkie and Vioala! Ladies and Gents we present a Kwid Pick-up, digitally imagined of course. The Kwid is based on a monocoque shell and that makes it less tolerable to what a true bakkie is about in terms of utility so those bags of cement you want to load will definitely have more than a say! It won’t happen but for the sake of argument let’s say it does, we’ll then deem it the most affordable bakkie fit for the budget conscious individuals and small companies.

Shout out to Kleber Silva

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