Refreshed 2020 Lexus RC F and RC F Track Edition With More Power and Weight Loss

Later in 2018 Lexus introduced a facelifted version of the RC coupe which seems to have addressed the aesthetics appeal over the the pre-facelift model. Now the Japanese automaker has unveiled the performance version of the luxury coupe, the RCF which is accompanied by a lighter RCF Track Edition, easily identified by a tall carbon fiber forged fixed rear wing. The Standard RCF is powered by a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8, one of the last such engines available in a luxury coupe. It’s now producing 352kW and 536N.m of torque and sending all the power to the rear wheels using an eight-speed automatic transmission updated with a higher final drive ratio of 3.13 vs 2.9 of the outgoing one, which is now set to improve off-the-line response. Noteworthy is the fact that the RCF now includes electronic launch control as standard.

The RCF Track Edition is basically a lighter (25kg lighter) track focused weapon that utilises the science of aerodynamics and lighter material to improve handling and performance:

One key area of improvement is the RC F Track Edition’s aerodynamic signature. Up front, the unique air dam is not only made from carbon fiber to reduce weight, it’s also designed to increase front end downforce for better grip and more precise steering. At the rear of the car, a fixed rear wing made from carbon fiber replaces the active spoiler offered on the standard RC F. The fixed wing is not only lighter, it does double duty by simultaneously reducing drag and adding downforce.

Using the same engine as the standard RCF, the RCF Track Edition is capable of a 0-to-60 mph time of less than 4.0 seconds. Only two exterior colours will be available and are Ultra White and Nebula Matte Gray, an exclusive color only available on the Track Edition.

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