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Lexus LS Flagship Sedan Receives A Facelift With Advanced Driving Assist Technologies

The brand first ever model is in its 5th generation and has just received a facelift for the year 2021. We first saw the LS back in 1989 and quickly received praise for its exceptional quietness and comfort. The current 5th generation debuted in 2017 featuring a daring design and low slung silhouette sitting on a new GA-L platform and new powertrains.

This updated comes just three years later and seems just about on time for a mid-life refresh and needs to keep up with rivals especially with an all-new S-Class imminent and the 7-Series receiving a facelift just a few months back.

The 2021 LS spots a refreshed front bumper and headlamps reshaped, the front fenders feature an air event just behind the wheel arches for what seems like a sporty feature. The rear end sees a slightly restyled diffuser with some chrome strips on either side that continue from the side skirting.

For this latest update, Lexus engineers focused on elevating the sedan’s levels of comfort, quiet and overall refinement to help balance a range of new dynamic improvements. The new LS features Lexus Teammate, which is the latest in advanced driving assist technologies centered on deep learning for predicting and responding to various situations possibly encountered during driving, this means reduced driver burden from the operation of the accelerator, brakes, and steering, allowing the driver to focus more on overall driving.


The interior is slightly reworked and now see the use of a wide 12.3-inch touchscreen for improved operability opposed to the touch-pad only operated infotainment setup it replaces. This multimedia system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The rearview mirror now features a larger high-resolution display for improved visibility of the area behind the vehicle. It’s worth noting that the underlying seat pads feature low-resilience urethane as well as vibration absorption and soft seating that contribute to even more enhanced comfort.


In the LS 500h hybrid version of the new LS, increased battery assist during acceleration at often-used driving speeds so as to contribute to strain-free acceleration. Additionally, quietness has been improved by lowering maximum engine revs during take off acceleration. The LS500h uses a 3.5 V6 petrol engine coupled with two electric motors and produces a combined power of 264kW.


The LS 500 keeps the V35A-FTS 3.5-liter, twin-turbo V6 petrol engine with 310kW and 600N.m and instead improved initial engine torque at often-used driving speeds leads to greater acceleration response. Improved shift timing and a wider acceleration range for each gear has resulted in less-frequent downshifts.

The new LS is expected to reach markets in late 2020 as a 2021 model.


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