Future BMW M8 Gran Coupe

If Porsche can do it with the Panamera and Merecedes-AMG with the GT-4, so can BMW right? At-least we think so. BMW’s M8 Gran Coupe Concept was shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March and was a clear indication of the direction they are taking that may lead one to speculate. So the love of all things automotive combined with adroit graphic design skills gave us the realistic rendering of the BMW-M8-Gran-Coupe in production guise. The works of Aksyonov Nikita on Behance gives us a clue of what to expect of the concept, a sleek, athletic but a bit unusual for BMW specifically referring to the C-Pillar shape, considering that BMW has sharp signature kink on all it’s models.

This M8 could use the BMW’s 442kW 4.4 V8  and should continue the company’s tradition of  compelling performance cars! We love the idea and hope it will come to fruition to challenge the Panamera and AMG GT4. Good times ahead.

Shout out to: Aksyonov Nikita on Behance

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