Fancy A Lexus Sport Yacht?

An open sport yacht for recreational day-touring with six to eight guests, powered by twin high-performance Lexus V8s and with advanced styling and handling is what was given to the Lexus design team and the end result is an opulent 19meters yacht! Lexus will build this ultra-luxurious boat which was previewed by the 2017 Lexus Sport Yacht concept and will be powered by two 5.0 V8 petrol engines based on the Lexus LC 500 giving the boat 660kW of power.

According to Lexus:

“This concept for a Lexus Sport Yacht allowed us to explore how Lexus design language could be applied to a maritime lifestyle,” said Yoshihiro Sawa, executive vice president of Lexus International.

“For the Lexus Design Center this project has been very exciting. The effort is valuable to us as it stirs our creative energies and pushes our imagination to design and lifestyle possibilities outside of the automotive realm we know well.”

The boat features onboard systems on a colour touchscreen panel which has GPS navigation, digital charts, surface radar, underwater sonar, lighting and entertainment systems. The captain’s seat is power adjustable; the armrests fold out to become jump seats on each side for very special guests.


This is indeed up there with the luxurious and sporty yachts of the wealthy. One can simply admire and yearn for the captain’s seat!

Source: Lexus News Room

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