A 1966 BMW 02 Series Imagined For The 21st century

The works of an independent designer DAVID OBENDORFER spawned an 02 Reminiscence Concept that “pays tribute to BMW’s very first zero emissions project. The BMW 1602 Elektro-Antrieb was first unveiled at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany; two examples were used to shuttle VIPs and serve as support cars in various long-distance events like the marathon.”

This digital concept keeps the classic shape of the 60’s model and gives it a modern rendition with electric power. The front grille is merely a shape that serves no function other than aesthetics since it’s an ‘electric car’. The interior is minimalistic and neat in a tasteful way and yet recognisable as a BMW, albeit this being a non-BMW project. For a bit of history on this model, back in 1966 BMW introduced the the 1602 based on the 1600 sedan. This was an entry-level model that was smaller and less expensive than the 1600 sedan, almost the same setup with the 3-Series and 4-Series.

The 1602 was also the basis for the 2002Tii and the 2002 Turbo that was BMW’s first turbocharged production car, producing 127 kW and 240 N.m of torque.

This looks awesome and it’s shoutout to David Obendorfer for this badass work!



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